Talks, Workshops and Seminars – Always Learning

Remarkable people are always learning.

They aren’t satisfied with the remarkable stuff they did years ago – they want to learn more so they can have an even greater impact in their environments.

We have several talks, seminars and workshops that we can present to your remarkable people.  Have a look at the list of existing topics we have, or contact us with the topics that you require.  We will structure any workshop that falls within our broad range of experience.


– The Heart of Values-Based Leadership

– The Inner Game of Change

– Courageous Leadership in Trying Times

– Profile of a Differencemaker

– Time Management:  Taking time to inspire

– Burnout – a personal perspective

– Empowering Leadership

– Difficult Conversations

– Listening Skills

– Prisoners of our own Minds

– The Leadership Game  (more…..)



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